“We’re not the thieves. The Post Office was.”

Sunday National, 15th May 2022. This week, the Post Office scandal came to Glasgow. Sir Wyn Williams brought his inquiry to Scotland to hear about the human impact of the scandal on Scottish postmasters. I was privileged to be able to sit through some of their evidence. I want to share some of what they … Continue reading “We’re not the thieves. The Post Office was.”

Douglas Ross, Switherer

Sunday National, 17th April 2022. It has been a vintage political week for Douglas Ross. As the Scottish Tory leader was trying to launch his local government election campaign, officers from Scotland Yard began knocking on the doors of Downing Street with some special correspondence for the Prime Minister, his Chancellor, and 48 other people … Continue reading Douglas Ross, Switherer

Rishi Sunak: In search of the common man

Sunday National, 3rd April 2022. My sister has a phrase for it: “too posh to function.” The line always runs through my head, whenever the chancellor of the exchequer embarks on one of his public relations campaigns, trying to sell his economic policies as populist interventions, and himself as a popular successor to Boris Johnson. … Continue reading Rishi Sunak: In search of the common man

Close the Home Office

Sunday National, 27th March 2022. These days, I am prepared to believe almost anything of the Home Office. The UK government department is a byword for an organisation which mistook Terry Gilliam’s Brazil for “a how-to guide to designing your own authoritarian bureaucracy to crush the lives of people unlucky enough to find themselves subject … Continue reading Close the Home Office

Misogyny: a human rights issue?

Sunday National, 13th March 2022. In September 2019, Adnan Ahmed was convicted of five charges of “threatening or abusive behaviour” at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Ahmed is better known in the Scottish media as “Addy A’ Game,” a so-called lifestyle coach and “pickup-artist” whose YouTube videos gave tips to sexually-frustrated men about how to approach, talk … Continue reading Misogyny: a human rights issue?