An aftermath of children’s rights

Sunday National, 10th October 2021. People don’t always appreciate that most of the Scottish statute book was passed by Westminster between 1707 and 1998. Holyrood is slowly catching up – changing and consolidating Scots law, amending and repealing old Westminster Acts – but in many cases, London legislation still underpins vital public services. Many of … Continue reading An aftermath of children’s rights

A school for scoundrels

Sunday National, 26th September 2021. Who’s in and who’s out. Who’s up, who’s down – who’s down and out. Political journalists love cabinet reshuffles. I’ve always thought the palpable excitement – the obvious eagerness to be the first with the news, the first with the tweet, the ten-second scoop – communicates something important about how … Continue reading A school for scoundrels

The uruk hai in crimplene

Sunday National, 19th September 2021. From Kelvingrove Park to Cathedral Square, it tallied 53 separate marches, closed some 32 streets, and called for 800 police officers drafted in to keep public order. Yesterday in Glasgow, the Orange Order and sundry other fraternal protestant brotherhoods took over much of the town, snaking from their districts across … Continue reading The uruk hai in crimplene

“No one hates better than us.”

Sunday National, 12th September 2021. The Sarwar vision goes something like this. Having taken over leadership of his party on the cusp of the 2021 Holyrood election, Labour’s fortunes and failures could safely be pinned on Richard Leonard and legacy Corbynism. Sarwar’s big job would be to take the party through the Holyrood campaign without … Continue reading “No one hates better than us.”